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Wildflower Midi Bikini Cover Up Sexy Lace Up Women Long Dress Capes 2021 Summer Beach Bathing Suit Beachwear


Style Size Bust(cm) Waist Size(cm) Length(cm)  
FC10153M (White) One size 134 / 124  
FC40287M (Green) One size 158 / 129  


Show off your poolside style in the Wildflower Midi Cover Up. Features self-tie straps at the waist for an adjustable fit.


sku-sumaitong1sku-sumaitong 2sumaitong 白底


Commodity properties
Age Ages 18-35 Years Old
Fabric 100% Spun rayon
Fit take your normal size;Fits true to size
GARMENT CARE Regular wash
Item Type Cover Up
Material Rayon
Occasion Travelling;Surfing;Vacation;Swimming Pool;Beach
Origin CN(Origin)
Pattern Type Floral
SKU FC10153M
Style Ties at the waist;Young Style
UID 190710005
Young Style Bohemian

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