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Teal Floral Ruffled V-Neck One-Piece Swimsuit Sexy Lace Up Padded Women Monokini 2021 Girl Beach Bathing Suit Swimwear

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Add a floral flair to your seaside style with the Teal Floral Ruffled V-Neck One-Piece Swimsuit. Detailed with ruffled shoulder straps and plunging neckline, this bathing suit ties in the back for an easy adjustable fit. Pair it with cutoffs or a maxi skirt for a breezy beach to brunch look.



AC31583M-1200 拷贝sku-sumaitong1sku-sumaitong 2sumaitong 白底 拷贝sumaitong 白底


Commodity properties
Decoration Ruffles
Fabric 15% Spandex;85% Polyester
Fit take your normal size;Fits true to size
GARMENT CARE Regular wash
Gender WOMEN
Item Type One Pieces & Monokinis;One Pieces
Material Spandex;Polyester
Model Number AC31583M
Occasion Surfing;Vacation;Swimming Pool;Beach;Travelling
Origin CN(Origin)
Pattern Floral
Pattern Type Floral
Sport Type Swim
Style V-neck;Padded cups
UID 191023005

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