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Pink White Striped Fringe Hem Beach Towel Soft Quick Dry Rectangle Shaped Swimming Beach Blanket 2021 Beach Bath Towels

Get ready to lay out on this Mariposa Striped Fringe Hem Beach Blanket. This vibrant beach blanket is the ultimate beach accessory. Quick dry; Compact &Light weight; Sand won’t stick at the beach blanket.

Size : 70.8inch in length, 35.43inch in width (180cm x 90cm)

Commodity properties
Decoration Tassels around the side
Item Type Beach Towel
Material Polyester / Cotton;20% Nylon;80% Polyester
Note Do not soak
Occasion Travelling;Surfing;Vacation;Swimming Pool;Beach
Origin CN(Origin)
Pattern PRINTED;Stripe
Style Washable;Rectangle shaped
UID 210623005

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