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Orange Floral Bow-knot Bikini Top Women Sexy Single Padded Bra Sporty Top 2021 Girls Summer Swimwear Bathing Bra Top

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The pattern is one of a kind - The exact pattern you receive will be slightly different than the one shown.


sku-sumaitong2sku-sumaitong 3sku-sumaitong1sku-sumaitong 4sku-sumaitong  5sumaitong  6sumaitong 白底

Commodity properties
Fabric 20% Spandex;80% Chinlon
FEATURE Back hook closure
Fit take your normal size;Fits true to size
GARMENT CARE Regular wash
Item Type Bikini top
Material Chinlon Spandex
Occasion Travelling;Surfing;Vacation;Swimming Pool;Beach
Pattern Non-positioning floral print
Pattern Type Floral
Style Padded cups;Bow-knot
UID 200604005

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